Monday, April 13, 2099

Valuation of all stocks listed in Holland AEX All Share AAX: Benjamin Graham Defensive Investor method

Warren Buffett: "Well, start with the A’s." Click on the companies below for Graham Evaluation:

Aalberts Industries AEX:AALB, NL0000852564
ABN AMRO AEX:ABN48 NL0011540547
Accell Group AEX:ACCEL NL0009767532
Ahold Koninklijke AEX:AH, NL0010672325
Accsys Technologies AEX:AXS, GB00BQQFX454: Too small, making a loss, but growing sales.
Aegon AEX:AGN, NL0000303709
Air France-KLM PSE:AF, FR0000031122
Akzo Nobel AEX:AKZA NL0000009132
Altice AEX:ATC, NL0011333752
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV AMG:AEX NL0000888691
Amsterdam Commodities AEX:ACOMO NL0000313286
AND International Publishers
Apollo Alternative Assets AEX:AAA1, GB00B15Y0C52
Aperam AEX:APAM LU0569974404
Arcadis AEX:ARCAD, NL0006237562
ArcelorMittal AEX:MT, LU0323134006
ASM International AEX:ASM NL0000334118 BUY under €35
ASML Holding NV
Batenburg Techniek HAL Trust AEX:HAL, BMG455841020
BAM Koninklijke Groep 
Basic Fit ?! don't buy above 7,50
BE Semiconductor Industries AEX:BESI, NL0000339760
Beter Bed Holding AEX:BBED, NL0000339703
Bever Holding: Small real estate fund, bleeder, selling under 5 Euro book value.
Boskalis Westminster Koninklijke AEX:BOKA, NL0000852580
Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Ltd. An expensive hedge fund.
Brill, Koninklijke kopen onder 20 Euro
Brunel International AEX: BRNL, NL0010776944
Corbion AEX:CRBN, NL0010583399
Core Laboratories AEX:CLB, NL0000200384
Ctac buy under €2,50
Curetis loss making biotech company = too difficult pile
Docdata: Cocoondd telt 0,35 euro in contanten neer per aandeel.
Delta Lloyd numbers expected August 17th 2016 with 220 million new shares.
DPA Groep N.V. buy at €1,1
DSM Koninklijke don't buy over 40 Euros
Esperite: Stem Cell Bank losing money hand over fist.
Eurocastle NPL Non Performing Loans in Italy... Results August 3rd
Eurocommercial Properties: Buy at €35
Euronext buy at €30
Fagron EPS -6,3 and negative Book Value per share -€2, not for the defensive investor...
ForFarmers a Graham Defensive Pick up to €6,50
Flow Traders outside my circle of competence, seems like a buy under €30
Fugro's Graham Value has decreased, buy at €10?
Gemalto buy under €45
Galapagos is a clinical-stage biotechnology company, not profitable (yet?).
GrandVision : Don't buy over €20
Groothandelsgebouwen N.V. buy under €40
HAL Trust: check November 17th 2016
Headfirst Source part of Value8 holding. Figures? Earnings 2017 before Amortization 0,30?
Heijmans losing money
Heineken, buy under 60?
Holland Colours buy now under €61
Hunter Douglas, good balance sheet, buy if under €41
Hydratec buy now, sell at €60
ICT Group NV buy under 7 Euros
IEX Group Sales 2m, losses 600k, not for the defensive investor
IMCD buy under 20 Euros
ING Bank buy around 10 Euros
Intertrust too little history: Earnings per share 2016 Euro 1,3 x 15 = 19,5 Euros: Price = 19,86 Euros
Inverko used to be Newconomy, is for sale, garbage (disposal) Price = 0,60 Euros
Kardan made a loss 4 out of the last 5 years including H1 2016
KAS Bank cheap now under 10 Euros ?
Kendrion buy at 20 Euros
Kiadis Pharma bleeder, not for Defensive Investor, no sales
Klepierre French Retail Real Estate 5% dividend
KPN not for the Graham Defensive Investor
Porceleyne Fles Koninklijke Check under 5 Euros.
K. VOPAK buy under 30
K. Wessanen 
Lavide not  a going concern (yet?) 
Lucas Bols buy under €15
Nedsense lege beurshuls
New Sources Energy penny stock
Neways electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
NN Group NV buy now under €40?
Novisource verliesgevend interim management 
NSI Nieuwe Steen Investments per February 14th
Value8 AEX:VALUE NL0010661864
Nedap NV Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek
OCI NV buy under 16 Euros
Oranjewoud not a Defensive stock...
Pharming Biotech loss maker, issuing stock  72.977k...213.008k...407.687k...407.687k
Philips Electronics buy around 20?
Philips Lighting
Probiodrug loss making biotech, not a stock for the Defensive Investor
Refresco Group  buy around 12 Euros?
RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier)
RoodMicrotec shareholder financed
Royal Dutch Shell
SBM Offshore 
Sif Holding
Stern Groep buy under 25 Euros? making a loss, not for the Defensive Investor. Prijs 10x verkoop.
Tetragon investment fund including CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligations) NAV $20, price $12,44
Thunderbird Resorts: Negative book value and losing money.
TIE Kinetix Shares Outstanding: 2013:933 2014:1127 2015:1227 2016:1830
TKH Group
Unibail Rodamco a buy?
Unilever after Kraft Heinz bid
Value8 not much information
Van Lanschot
Vastned Retail check after share buybacks May 15th
VNC = too difficult pile: Geert Schaaij + Selwyn Duijvestijn 
Volta Finance fund including CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligations)
Wereldhave, buy?
Wolters Kluwer
Yatra Capital Indian Real Estate, losing money, stopping? Book 7,5 E, Price 5,75 E.

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